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MAsT:Naples exists as an educational, support and resource membership-based group for individuals involved in, or interested in, a Consensual Power Exchange (CPE) or Total Power Exchange (TPE) lifestyle. MAsT provides an opportunity and forum for like-minded individuals to come together for discussion of issues that concern those that practice this lifestyle , to share ideas and gain and/or share knowledge of the full-time M/s, D/s, and Consensual or Total Power Exchange lifestyles.

MAsT:Naples is one of many chapters of MAsT:International.



This is the website of an adult organization MAsT:Naples. While there is no nudity, profanity or adult situations presented on this site, the site is not intended for youngsters. If you are not of legal age in the State, Province or Country from which you are visiting, or if you do not wish to see material dealing with voluntary servitude and other adult themes, then please use your browser "BACK" button below to leave this site. If you are old enough, mature enough and open-minded enough to continue, then please enjoy our website.






MAsT:Naples ~ Our Mission


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